EVOLOG Logistics provides container transport and forwarding service from Turkey to all ports of the world, from all ports of the world to Turkey and cross dock shipments with experienced and expert staff in seafreight transport and result-oriented world wide agency network.


Our Services;

  • Worldwide FCL/LCL Container
  • Special Equipments Handling ( Flat Rack, Open Top & Reefer Container)
  • LCL Consolidation
  • Port to Port Delivery
  • Door to Door Delivery
  • On Carraige Service
  • Custom Clearance service
  • Cross Shipments
  • Project Shipments
  • Intermodal shipments
  • Chemicals
  • Incurance
  • Online Tracking service


If you work with EVOLOG Logistis,

  • You will have space and equipment guarantee.
  • You will have global coverage, capacity and competitive rates with carrier contracts ..
  • You will have flexible and proffesional transportation solutions.


Evolog Logistics is here to provide regional solutions; 

  • EVOLOG Logistics, with Trade managers and executives with specific expertise in the region have the ability to follow worldwide market information.
  • Port Conditions ( congestions, strike)
  • Ability to anticipate delays that may occur due to the geographical location of the countries.
  • To be able to see the local or overseas regulatory and political changes.
  • In case of political changes; having knowledge of what can be experienced and direct you correctly.
  • To be able to have information all Local and overseas transport infrastructure.
  • To provide optimum benefit to you by working with the agency network that have full knowledge of the regional customs processes


Our Services to / from ;

Far East : South Korean, Japan, China Area, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malezia , Vietnam , Singapore , Taiwan, Thailand
Middle East : Qatar, U.A.E ,  Saidi Arabia, Jordan , Yemen, Lebanon, Israel , Oman , Kuwait
Southest Asia  : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Europe : Germany , Netherlands , United Kingdom, Italy, Spain , France, Belgium
South and North America : Brasil , Argentina,  Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, USA ( east & West coast)  , Canada
All Africa Ares ;  

North Africa ;

Morocco , Tunisia, Algeria , Egypt , Sudan

West Africa ;

Senegal , Benin, Ivory Coast,  Gambia, Ghana, Moritania, Nigeria, Togo, Angola, Kamerun

East Africa ;

Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania

South Africa;

Cape Town, Durban , Johannesburg


  • Weekly departures
  • Weekly consolidation
  • Door to Door / Port to Port / Cross Trade
  • Optimum Freight Cos
  •  Warehousing / On-Carriage / Palletizing
  • 7/24 Avaliability

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